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What’s New? Fall 2021
What’s New? Fall 2021

Introducing our huge upgrades to our order form feature, and more!

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Order Form

This quarter, we overhauled our order Form features to bring you the best experience possible, and we’ve got tons of new features to share with you. Now you can set rules, limit which customers can check out, set an expiration date and more!

  • Set rules to automatically disable items when inventory hits 0

  • Set order limits to manually limit how many of each item can be purchased

  • Set the customer type or label who has access to limit who can checkout

    • Invoice or Quote created from the order form is automatically added to their customer profile

  • Allow customers to checkout of an order form on account

  • Bulk create orders from a order form

  • Set an order form to disable on a specific date

Learn more about using order forms here

Learn more about restrictions on order forms here

Learn more about bulk creation here

Updates to our blog

Did you know we offer helpful sales tips and information about what we’re working on in our blog? Recently, we’ve released several new articles, including our suggestions for managing sales on Black Friday using QuoteMachine. Read our blog here.

  • Read our suggestions for an exclusive ‘Platinum Friday’ event here

  • Read our suggestions for limited presale discounts here


  • Create a free standing event (not linked to a quote, order or invoice) with the scheduling module

  • Add custom fields to a contact, so you can easily store information by contact instead of document

  • Improved load times for PDFs

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