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Link a calendar event to a group in the pricing table
Link a calendar event to a group in the pricing table

How to link calendar events to groups in your pricing tables

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When you're quoting a wedding (for example), it might occur that multiple rooms are booked, and that the event happens over multiple days. In cases like this, it's useful to be able to link certain products/services to specific rooms or events in your pricing table.

To link a group in your pricing table to a calendar event, it is important that the event has been created previously from the "Agenda" standard field first.

For the exact steps on how to create an event, read this article.

After creating your event, click on the pencil icon of the group to which you'd like to link your event.

Clicking the pencil icon will open the edit mode for the group, where you can select the calendar event you want to link. Simply click the event, and click "Save''. Your calendar event is now linked to a group in your pricing table.

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