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Connecting with Kangaroo rewards
Connecting with Kangaroo rewards

How to Connect & use Kangaroo rewards integration with QuoteMachine

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You can now connect your kangaroo rewards account directly to QuoteMachine. You'll have access to your rewards programs and discounts directly in QuoteMachine.

Setting up the Integration

To get started, head to the 'my account' section of QuoteMachine. Here, select Kangaroo. Follow the steps to connect to your existing Kangaroo account.

Once you have connected, you should see the kangaroo integration active in your integrations tab of QuoteMachine.

Using Kangaroo + QuoteMachine

Using kangaroo directly in QuoteMachine is simple. When creating an invoice, you'll notice a new loyalty tab in the totals section at the bottom of your page once you have added items on to the invoice.

Click on the loyalty tab, and select which rebate or loyalty program you wish to apply onto this invoice.

The discount will be automatically applied, and any necessary updates will be needed on the customers account within Kangaroo.

This integration supports regular and convertible coupons. Reach out to your Kangaroo representative with any question regarding supported features.

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