Setting up ACH Payments

A new way to get paid in QuoteMachine

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You can now take ACH payments through QuoteMachine, and get paid directly into your bank account. Setting up this payment options works similar to a credit card, once activated, customers will be able to enter their bank account information directly onto a QuoteMachine document. The information will be saved for future use.

ACH payments are a form of direct deposit, bank to bank transfer that uses the ACH network.

To allow your customers to pay using ACH, note that first you'll need to be set up with a Stripe account (get set up here). In Sales Tools, select the document you wish to allow ACH payments on, and click 'Edit content'.

On the template, scroll to the payment section and select 'edit.

Here, make sure 'bank transfer' is selected.

Now, when creating an invoice using this document template, your customers will be able to chose whether they will pay by credit card, or by bank transfer. (or vice versa depending how your template is set up).

Below is the customers view of their invoice with this new option.

If they select 'Bank Account' they will be prompted to connect to their account to complete the payment set-up.

Reach out to our team for any questions about ACH payments!

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