Setting up a calendar in QuoteMachine

How to create a calendar for scheduling pages and events

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QuoteMachine's scheduling pages need to be linked to a calendar. Integrate a calendar from your favourite service (Google, Office365, Yahoo) to your QuoteMachine account, and send user-friendly booking links to customers.

Requirement: Connect an email account using these steps

Once your email has been linked to your QuoteMachine account, use the side bar to navigate to sales tools menu.

In Sales tools, select calendars from the calendar tab.

Then, click the add calendar button on the right-hand side to create your first calendar.

Here, you can customize your calendar to best fit your business’s needs. In this example, I’ve created 2 calendars, one for in-store appointments and one for pickups. You could also create multiple calendars for different employees, the options are endless and fully customizable.

Use the calendar customization screen to add a title, description, and default location.

Now you're ready to add scheduling pages or events to your calendar! Learn how to add scheduling pages here

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