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Collecting a Payment from an Order
Collecting a Payment from an Order

How to receive a payment directly from a sales order

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With some clients, you may want to start directly from a sales order (without first creating a quote) and take deposits prior to invoicing.

Learn how to create a sales order here

Option 1: Receive a payment from the back-office

From a finalized order, navigate to the receive payment button.

Then you can apply a payment.

Now when you’re working in the order, you’ll see a received payments section reflecting the payments you’ve taken.

Option 2: Request a payment from the customer

From a finalized order, click on the 3-dot menu on the bottom menu bar, then select edit.

Click edit design. This will open an editable version of the order.

Scroll to the bottom of your order and click add.

Select payment section.

Configure the payment section to your liking, then click save.

Now your, customer will see a pay deposit now button their order, and when they click it they will be able to enter their payment information directly on the order!

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