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Create custom reports using filters
Create custom reports using filters

How to filter invoice, quotes, and order lists using custom fields

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Managing quotes, orders and invoices when you have multiple employees, contacts, products etcetera can get confusing. QuoteMachine’s extensive list of built in filters makes finding the information you need quick and easy. You can also create custom fields to make QuoteMachine work the best for your business.

Learn about creating custom fields for filters here

The filtering process is the same for quotes, orders, and invoices.

Part 1: Creating and Saving Filter Sets

First, use the left sidebar menu to navigate to the page you want to filter. Here, I will be working on the invoices page.

Once you’ve opened the page you want to work in, you can start to filter. Select the filters button to open the searchable list of features.

Use the search bar to quickly find the category you want to filter by. Popular fields will automatically appear at the top

You can include as many fields as you want to find exactly what you’re looking for. Here, I am filtering by user and by date created.

Note: You will also be to see the sum of the documents based on the filters you've set up. In this example, I've set up VIP customer invoices that have been fully paid. Or, you could change the filter to "awaiting payment" to see the sum you are expecting.

Once you’ve set the filters the way you want them, you can save the filter set as a custom search, to access it even faster next time.

Click the save as a new button under the search bar to save the filter set. Then you can give the filter set a name, and select if you want it to be shared between users, or private to you. Set your preferences and click save.

Access the saved filtered lists by clicking the saved filters button from the invoice, quote or orders page.

Part 2: Removing Filters

Option A: Remove 1 (or more) filter from the set

To remove an individual filter from your list, click the small x beside the filter name.

Option B: Clear all filters

To remove all filters and return to the full list of invoices, quotes or orders, click the clear all features button.

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