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How to send a scheduling page from a quote, invoice or order
How to send a scheduling page from a quote, invoice or order

Learn how to configure your scheduling pages to be available from quotes, invoices and orders

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Requirement: configure your calendars and create scheduling pages here

Once your scheduling pages have been created, you can add a button to your invoice, quote, and order creation pages to easily send a scheduling page to your customer.

Edit an existing scheduling page to be available from a quote, order, or invoice

Using the drop down menu on the left hand side, navigate to the scheduling page

Next, click directly on the scheduling page you want to edit

On this page, open the 3-dot menu from the bottom bar, and select edit

This will open the details page. Here, select the pencil icon under the available from heading.

This will open a dropdown menu where you can select quotes, invoices, or orders (or any combination thereof).

Select which pages you want your scheduling page available from. In this example, I’ll be setting my in store appointment scheduling page to be available from all 3. Click the save icon to save your choice(s).

Send the scheduling page directly from your quote, order or invoice management interface

Once your quote is opened, you’ll see a new send scheduling page button on the bottom menu. Click the send scheduling page button and select the scheduling page you want to send.

This will open an email template with the customer information already filled in. You can make changes to the email before you send it. When you’re ready, click send now and your customer will receive their scheduling page!

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