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Connecting your Stripe Integration
Connecting your Stripe Integration

Existing Stripe users also need to reconnect their Stripe accounts to complete the update.

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NOTE: For Shopify, please scroll down to here

Stripe allows you to collect payments via your customers' credit cards. Whether you are a new user, or need to update your Stripe connection, there are two simple steps to follow to do so.

In the Integrations section of 'My Account' Simply click 'add integration' for Stripe.

Next you will be prompted to 'Connect with Stripe'. Here you will be guided to Stripes site where you can follow their sign up process. Following this, Stripe and QuoteMachine will be automatically integrated.

For Shopify, complete above steps and then do the following:

First, you need to open Quotemachine from a different window. Start by logging into

Follow the guide once logged in.

Disable Only Accept Full Payment option from your integration settings. This will allow you to use Stripe as a payment processor as opposed to Shopify's.

My Account > Integrations > Shopify

Next step, make sure the payment types are set correct in all document templates. This is necessary for your clients to be able to pay online as well as for you to collect desired deposits.

You can apply the changes by editing both Quotes and Invoices templates.

Sales Tools > Branding > desired template > Select edit content

Once in edit template menu, navigate down to your payment section and select edit.

Make sure credit card is selected as a payment method.
From here, you could also activate Save Card on File, 1st option below the arrow.

Once set, hit save and you are all set now.

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