How to Use Snippets

Add predefined content to your documents using snippets

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Snippets are a great tool that will save you time if you need to have the same piece of content on different templates or documents. An example could be a header with the company name and logo to be used on all document templates. With snippets, you create it once and can use it on all document templates.
You can also use snippets to quickly add content to documents such as a "Terms and conditions" section or anything else using the same features as templates.

How to Create Snippets
How to Insert Snippets in Documents

How to Create Snippets

Go to "Sales Tools" and click on "Snippet Library", the last option in the "Document templates" section

Click on "Add snippet"

Name your snippet, make sure to set its status to enabled and save. In the "Copy from" field you could choose an existing snippet to copy from in case you need to create a different version of it.

Now that the snippet is created, click on "Edit content" to start creating the content.

You'd be working with a blank template and will see that the same features are available as when you're adding a section to a document template.

How to Insert Snippets in Documents

You can insert snippets in your existing document templates or use them directly on documents when needed.

To insert a snippet in your template, simply click the "Add" button that allows you add a new section and select the snippet to be used from the field on the right. Then click "Insert".

To insert a snippet in an existing document, click on the three dots button on the bottom of the document page and select "Edit".

Then click on "Edit design". This will take you to the template of the document and you could proceed with inserting the snipper just as described above.

If you need a refresher on how to work with document templates, check the following article:
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