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Setting up your payments terminal
Setting up your payments terminal

This article describes how to set up your QuoteMachine payments terminal once you've received them.

Written by Ash
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QuoteMachine Payment terminals are used to collect payments from your in-store customers.

There are two models available:
Ingenico Lane 3000

Ingenico Lane 7000 (WiFi and Signature Pad)

Once you have received your hardware, follow the guidelines outlined below to pair them with your QuoteMachine system.

1. Adding Terminal

From the left side panel in QuoteMachine, navigate to Payments Processing and click on "Add a new terminal".

2. Enter device serial number and name

Device's serial number can be found on the back side of the device. Enter the serial number in the field and register it with a name as per your liking.
And then click "Pair"

3. Confirm device is showing Paired and Available.

Note: By clicking on the device name will bring up the details of your terminal. You can use that information anytime you need to file a support or repair request.

Your device is now connected and you are set to collect payments through your terminal!

To collect payments through a terminal, simply click "receive payment" button on any document and select "Terminal".

You can also select the check box if you want to capture and save the credit card on file used on that transaction.

Note: Signature pad is not yet supported to capture signatures inside QuoteMachine documents (quotes/orders/invoices). Feature will be live in Q4 2023.

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