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Using the Receive Deposit Quick Key in Lightspeed X-Series
Using the Receive Deposit Quick Key in Lightspeed X-Series

This article with show you have to use the take a customer deposits using the dedicated QuoteMachine quick key

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In a scenario where a customer wants to make one lump sum to pay off their account balance or wants to pay the deposit owed on a quote or order you would need to use the Receive Deposit quick key.

Note: If you're looking to sync a payment in Lightspeed to a specific invoice in QuoteMachine check out this article!

Start off by navigating to your Sell page, attach a customer to the sale, then click Recieve Deposit.

A pop-up menu should appear, here you can select whether you want the deposit to go towards a quote, or order or if you'd like to create a credit memo.

Selecting "Take deposit on quote" or "Take deposit on order", then pressing "Continue" will pull up a list of all the quotes and orders that require a deposit.

Select the document you would like to take a deposit for, in the amount field enter the amount the customer would like to pay, then press "Continue".

Note: If you'd like to go back to the previous screen press "Go Back" then press "Continue".

If you select "Create Credit Memo", this will create a new document with the amount the customer would like to deposit. Use this feature in situations where the customer would like to make one lump sum that will be used to pay off different transactions, e.g. invoice or quote and order deposits.

Once you entered the amount the customer would like to pay click "Continue" then click "Pay".

This creates an empty credit memo in QuoteMachine, that is marked pending until the payment is successful. To pay off the deposit click "Pay Deposit".

Select the appropriate payment type and make the payment as you normally would and complete the sale.

This will create a credit memo on the customer's account that you can use to pay off any document.

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