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Using 'Quick Keys' in Lightspeed Retail POS X-Series/Vend
Using 'Quick Keys' in Lightspeed Retail POS X-Series/Vend

Use ''Quick Keys'' in Lightspeed Retail POS X-Series/Vend

Written by Asheque Hussain
Updated over a week ago

Making quotes, work orders, and invoices is all possible in QuoteMachine, and it gives you access to a powerful configuration experience. However, sometimes it's faster and simpler to create those things directly from the register screen in Vend. That's why we've created Quick Keys.

If you need help setting up your Quick Keys, please read this article.

Create Quote Key

Step one to create a quote directly from Vend, is to add a customer and one or multiple products. Once you've set all of that up, you click the ''Create Quote'' tile.

Now, you can specify a couple of things. You can enter a note (not necessary), you can enter the required deposit (if any different from what is there by default), and lastly you can choose to not send it, send it by email, or to send it by SMS to your customer.

When you're done with that, hit the ''Continue'' button. Then, click the blue ''Pay'' button to finalize this quote.

After clicking ''Pay'', you now see that the quote has received its identifier from QuoteMachine.

If you immediately want to take the deposit on the quote, you can click the ''Pay Deposit'' button which will allow you to take the money from your customer.

In the workflow above, I showed how to make a quote. However, all three of the Quick Keys (for quotes, work orders, and invoices), all have the same exact workflow. So, to summarize:

  1. Choose your customer and product(s)

  2. Click the Quick Key that you want to use (to create either a quote, work order, or invoice)

  3. Specify the notes, deposit, and how/if you want to send it to your customer

  4. Click the blue ''Pay'' button to finalize it

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