Note: If this is the first time you set up a Request a Quote or Add to quote feature on your Shopify Ecommerce, please take a look at this article to decide which design is the best for your needs.

Note: this functionality is available with Shopify themes using the Online Store 2.0 standards

It can be convenient to create a separate page in Shopify for your customers to request a quote. Setting it up is easy, and only requires a couple of steps:

1.Create a new page in Shopify

In the Shopify menu go to ''Online Store'', click ''Pages'', and then click on ''Add page''.

Then simply give the page a name (for example ''Request a Quote''), and then hit ''Save'' to save the page.

If you want the page to show up in your website's menu, you will have to add it to the store's navigation. To do so, go to ''Online Store'' --> ''Navigation'' --> ''Main Menu'' (if that's where you want it) and then click ''Add menu item'' to add the page.

2. Add the Quote Form to the page

Once the page is set up, we have to add QuoteMachine's Quote Customer Form and pricing table to it. To do so, we have to change the theme. Go to ''Online Store'' --> "Themes" --> ''Customize''.

Then, you want to navigate to the page you just made in step 1 and click ''Add block'' under the Apps section.

You will now see different elements that you can add onto this page. I will add the ''Quote cart pricing table'' and the ''Quote customer form'' blocks. The pricing table will show the items that your customer has added onto this quote, and the customer form lets them add all of their details.

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