Note: this functionality is available with Shopify themes using the Online Store 2.0 standards

QuoteMachine brings your customers the ability to request a quote directly from your Shopify site. Quote requests can either be generated from the main shopping cart on your website or a secondary cart dedicated to quote requests.

This means that your customers can immediately check out certain items right from your website if they want to, but they could also add them to a separate quote cart instead so it ends up as a draft quote in QuoteMachine.

Follow the steps below to setup a "request a quote" form

Step 1: From your Shopify store, navigate to the online store section, then themes, then customize.

Step 2: Using the top drop down menu, navigate to the cart page

Step 3: On the left hand side, click add section then scroll to the bottom under Apps and click Quote customer form

Step 4: Under ''Cart to use to create the quote'' choose either

  • ''Use the custom quote cart''

    • when submitted, the form will take products currently in the shopping cart and create a draft quote in QuoteMachine from them.

  • ''Use the main cart''

Step 4: Optionally, make customizations to the form on the right hand side

Step 5: Save your settings, and start quoting!

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