Note: this article is for Lightspeed eCom users only. For Shopify request a quote, click here.

It can be very convenient to let your customers easily request a quote directly from your website.

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To access the settings of the form, go to ''My Account'' --> ''Integrations'' --> click on the Lightspeed eCom integration. After clicking, you'll see the settings of your quote request form.

Form Options: The fields that can be shown on the request form

Required Fields: Determines which fields on the form you want to require for your customer
Quote Button Visibility: Determines on which pages of your website the request quote button will be shown

Button Position: Determines if the Quote Request button should be displayed on the left, center, or right of your page

Assigned to: Determines to who the quote requests will be assigned within your company

Button ClassName: The class of the button

Text After Form Submission: The text that will be shown after your customer submits the form (e.g. a ''Thank you'' note)

Form Send Button Label: The text on the button when your customer wants to submit the form
Form Cancel Button Label: The text on the button when your customer wants to cancel the form
Request Quote Button: The text on the request button that will show on your web pages
Form Title: The title of the form that will be shown once the customer opens the request form

If you do NOT wish to have the ''Request Quote'' button anywhere on your website, you can simply delete all parameters at the ''Quote Button Visibility'' section.

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