Our app is now public on the Zapier app store!

Easily connect QuoteMachine with apps you’re already using with our Zapier integration.

For example:

  • Export payments made on quotes to Google Sheets

  • Subscribe new customers to a Mailchimp list

  • Upload a PDF copy of a completed invoice to Google Drive

Learn more about QuoteMachine and Zapier here.

Refund a Credit Memo

Refund a deposit or other credit memo easily from a customer profile.

Learn more here

Add a calendar event to a pricing table group

Link a group in a quote, order or invoice to a calendar event.

Learn more here.

Add all items option for Lightspeed Retail purchase orders

When placing a purchase order, you’ll now have the option to select all items from a vendor, and add them to your purchase order in one click.

Learn more here

Import existing Lightspeed Sales to invoices

Create invoices with payment terms, photos and more from existing Lightspeed Sales.

Learn more here.

Critical inventory reports for Sales Orders.

Use our new Item Report to help stay organized with inventory management. Easily access an breakdown of your items on sales orders, filter by column, and see all orders containing each item.

Learn more here.

For our US customers: ACH Payments are now included in all our plans!

With ACH you can

  • Save on credit card fees, an ACH payment has only a 1% processing fee, instead of a 2.9% processing fee for credit cards!

  • Give your customers options for how they want to pay, anyone with a US bank account can pay using ACH!

Learn more here.

Other New Features!

  • Export labour hours to Lightspeed. Learn more about managing fractional quantities with Lightspeed here.

  • Duplicate an invoice. Learn more about duplicated documents here.

  • View all your event listings under one heading. Learn more about events and scheduling here.

  • Service fee product mapping in Lightspeed. Learn more about fee mapping here.

  • Save a card to file from a price list.

  • Add multiple pricing tables to a document.

  • Hide a customer's email address in a document template.

  • Display a linked purchase order number on an invoice.

  • Customize a sales order number

  • View archived quotes, orders or invoices

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