Summer is winding down, but there's lots to be excited about at QuoteMachine. Some of our latest new updates include ACH payments - a new way to get paid in QuoteMachine. Read below to get updated on all of our new features.

ACH Payments

ACH payments are a form of direct deposit, bank to bank transfer that uses the ACH network.

Setting up this payment options works similar to a credit card, once activated, customers will be able to enter their bank account information directly onto a QuoteMachine document. The information will be saved for future use

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Expiration dates on Quotes

You can now add an expiry date to your QuoteMachine quotes! This a great way to let your customers know more about your sales process!

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Detailed Margin Information

See more details on your product margins when adding products to a quote or invoice.

'Quick Create' now creates product in Lightspeed

Using the 'Quick Create' feature when building a quote or invoice will now also create the product in your Lightspeed catalogue!

The Quick create feature let's you create a new item on the spot when building an invoice or a quote. Be sure to select ' Save to catalogue' for this to happen.

Ability to delete payments made on invoices

You can now easily remove payments that have been applied on invoices. By deleting the payment, a credit memo in that amount will be created on the customers' account.

Merge contacts with Lightspeed easily

Lightspeed allows you to merge two contacts together. This is a great way to clean up any duplicate contacts that may have been created. Doing so in Lightspeed, will now simultaneously merge the contacts in QuoteMachine as well.

Any documents will be transferred over as well.

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