QuoteMachine has some exciting updates as we continue to improve and add new features. Read below and visit our Help Centre for more details.

Entering Tax by Line

You can now apply different taxes per line item on your QuoteMachine documents. This is helpfull for markets where you may be charging different or supplemental taxes for things such as service or food.

View more details on this, right here.

Using a deposit as a credit memo

QuoteMachine now allows you to use a deposit as a credit memo, and apply this credit on any invoices or quotes for that contact.

View more details on this, right here.

New status' on invoices

Previously, invoices were marked as 'Sent' regardless of whether they had been emailed, or just marked as done.

The 'sent' status has been updated to show ' Waiting for Payment' which clarifies its position. See the photo below.

Custom Pricing Table

Using a custom pricing table in your QuoteMachine documents can allow you to include important information about the line item. This can include details such as tax amount for that particular item.

View more details on this, right here.

Customizable payment types

QuoteMachine is already set up with standard payment types, but different businesses may operate in unique way. You can easily create a custom payment type within QuoteMachine. This allows you to record exactly how the customer paid.

View more details on this, right here.

Sending emails from your own domain

If you want to personalize your emails and have them sent from your own domain name (e.g. yourbusiness.com), QuoteMachine now accepts this configuration. You will have to update your domain name configuration accordingly to authorize QuoteMachine to send emails on your behalf.

This will remove the mention "via QuoteMachine" from the email sender name.

Reach out to our support team for more information on this!

Dont forget to update your Stripe connection!

Your QuoteMachine payment processor, Stripe, has had an update. We ask that you reconnect your account to complete it. You can follow the 2 simple steps below to do so.

1.In the integrations section QuoteMachine, select the existing Stripe.

2. Select 'Connect with Stripe' and follow their sign in instructions.

Applying Multiple deposits on a Quote

QuoteMachine allows you to set up your Quote templates so that multiple deposits can be made on it, without you needing to edit the document. The photo below shows an example of how the customer will see the payment section in the quote.

View more details on this, right here.

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