QuoteMachine is always improving, In the past few weeks we've made a few updates to improve your experience. 

Invoicing directly from Lightspeed
When completing a sale in Lightspeed, you are now able to create an invoice directly from the point of sale page. This allows you to ...

Easily switch the POS transaction to an account charge to be invoiced
Customize your POS receipts using QuoteMachine
Capture and use a card on file from your POS
Add QuoteMachine's invoicing capabilities to features and workflows specific to your POS

Be sure to have a customer attached to the sale, and to have the latest version of the QuoteMachine browser extension, either in Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Once you select 'Create invoice', you may set your payment terms to invoice the customer based on your terms. 

You may also use an existing card on file to create the invoice and charge their card on file immediately, as seen in the photo below.

In both cases, an invoice has been created in QuoteMachine, and will be marked there as 'imported'. Next you'll notice a few options, including opening the invoice itself, or opening QuoteMachine to edit the invoice, receive payments etc. 

Improvements to Price List feature

upload a photo to price list
You can now use our price list feature in more ways, thanks to the ability for customers to add in their own photos on the form.

This can help you set up your business for contactless drop off repairs or service.

You may also set up your price lists to create an approved quote when someone fills in the form, and be notified by email when someone places an order.

Easily Manage Companies and Employees in QuoteMachine
QuoteMachine now makes it even easier to keep track of companies, their employees and their assigned documents

Assign a primary contact
Manage employees within an organization
Send statements to companies as a whole, and track which employees different invoices were sent to.

View our dedicated help article for more information on companies and employees, click here.

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