1 - Activate the Lightspeed integration

Start synchronizing data between QuoteMachine and Lightspeed Retail

  • Log in to QuoteMachine
  • Access the Lightspeed integration page (Click here to access the integration page directly) and follow the steps:
    ✅ Authenticate yourself using your Lightspeed Retail credentials when you are asked to do so (you must be admin or owner in Lightspeed)
    Grant  permissions to QuoteMachine
    Check all the boxes to synchronize everything (with the exception of the "SKUs are not unique" option, which is unlikely to be relevant)

If you have a large dataset, note that your customers and products may take a couple of hours to appear in QuoteMachine after you activate the integration for the first time.

Customize the POS interface using our Browser Extension

The extension will add shortcuts to the POS interface to ease the navigation between Lightspeed and QuoteMachine.

If you're using Google Chrome as your web browser

If you're using Firefox as your web browser 

2 - Create your first Quote

The video below shows how you can create a quote in a few steps.

3 - Create your first Invoice

The Video below shows how to create an invoice

4 - Take your first Payment

The video below will show you how you apply a payment to invoice. 

If integrated payments are active on your account, the customer may pay directly from the invoice using the online payment option.

To capture a payment by yourself, follow these steps

  •  Open the invoice that expects a payment
  • Click on the "Receive Payment" button
  • Select the Payment type, confirm the amount and click "Apply Payment" 

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