Using videos in your proposals can help you stand out from your competition and communicate efficiently.

Example of template edition to insert a video

Step 1 - Access the template edition interface

You should add videos directly from the template editor. This way, the change will be available for all your future proposals.

Template edition is performed from the menu "Sales tools", then by clicking on "Proposal templates" from the "Document templates" section. 

From the template list, you then have to click on the "Edit content" button to access the edition interface.

Now you can simply insert the video by hovering content in the template to reveal the "Add" button. You can click this button then select the "Video" option.

Note: the content edition interface is also available from the design review step before sending a proposal. As opposed to editing the template, any change made from the design review step will not be saved for future proposals.

Step 2 - Define video options

The previous step displayed the video insertion form. It now needs to be filled in.

Video insertion form

Here are the fields to fill in.

URL of the video: Enter the video URL hosted on Youtube or Vimeo.

Size: Video width on your proposal.

Alignment: This option allows you to align the video in the same way you would align text or images in a proposal

Note: When filling in the form, QuoteMachine automatically rewrites the video URL to ensure it will be correctly displayed.

Automatic URL rewrite

Once you have saved the form, your video is added to your proposal template. You can now make use of it in your proposals.

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