Proposals should be a lot more than pricing tables. They help you stand out from your competition by describing the quality of your services.

QuoteMachine makes it easy to manage proposal templates efficiently.

Overview of proposal template management

How to edit a proposal before sending it

From the proposal review screen, it is possible to edit the content and adjust the layout.

Changes brought at this step are only applied to the current proposal and won't affect the template.

Access to the design review page

Proposal design review page

Edit content from the design review page

Most of the time, it is possible to click directly on the content that you wish to edit to reveal the edition form.

It is also possible to click on the "..." button at the top left-hand corner of each content section to access the edition options.

The button "..." gives access to the "edit" feature.

Edit a proposal template

The main benefit of directly editing the proposal template is that any modifications made will be available for all the future proposal using this template.

Access the proposal template management page by clicking on the "Sales tools" menu, then select the "Branding" tab, to finally click on "Proposal templates".

Access to the Proposal templates management page

Proposal template status

A template may have the status "Enabled" or "Disabled". A disabled template will not be available for use with new proposals.

There is always a template with the "Default" status. This template is the one applied automatically to every new proposal. Every active template may be defined as the default one by clicking on the "Default" button.

The "Enabled" or "Disabled" status and the model name may be edited by clicking on the model name from the list.

Proposal template list and their corresponding status

Status and name edition form

Edit proposal template content

Clicking the "Edit content" button from the proposal template list gives access to the template edition interface.

Order of content elements
Content elements can be organized using moving actions available from the options button.

The "Move up" and "Move down" actions

How to add content

Hovering any content reveals an "Add" button, that lets adding a content element to the template.

Add button
Clicking on the "Add" button gives a few options to insert content. The following content types are available:

  • Title
    Text formatted as a title
  • Text
    Text field with rich formatting options (e.g., bold, underlined, texts size, etc.)
  • Text and image
    An image that goes with text with specific alignment options
  • Image
    A single image with alignment and size options
  • Image row
    Several images presented in a row
  • Video
    A video hosted on a video platform (Youtube, Vimeo)
  • Image gallery
    A gallery displaying several pictures
  • File gallery
    A list of files available for download
  • Line separator
    A full-width horizontal line
  • Separator
    A  vertical space
  • Snippet
    A content snippet containing several predefined elements to insert (see detailed article)

How to delete content

The content deletion feature is available from the option menu next to every section. 

How to create a new proposal template

From the proposal template list, click on the "Add template" option.
Fill in the form by adding a name.
The new model is a copy of an existing one that will then be editable like any other template.

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