In some cases, you may have to deliver a project to a contact or an address that is different from that of your customer's.
QuoteMachine enables you to easily set a delivery contact and to adjust your proposal templates to reflect that situation.

Changing the delivery address

The first step is to edit the delivery contact in you proposal. To do that:

1 - Click on "Edit" in the "Project Details" section

2 - Click on "Open Advanced Form"

3 - Switch of the "Same shipping contact" option

4 - Fill out the contact information of the delivery contact and click on "Save Project"

The delivery address is now saved in your proposal.
You can proceed with the next steps to send it.

Displaying the Delivery Address

It is possible to display the delivery address on the proposal that will be sent to the customer by using the display options in the contact header (accessible during the final preview of the proposal or from the proposal template editor).

1 - Click on the modification button of the contact header

2 - Select the option "Show Shipping Contact and Address" than click on "Save"

The contact information of the delivery contact is now displayed on the proposal. You can now send it to your client.

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